The future of women’s health has arrived.
Its name is Emsella.

Try Emsella to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor today.

If you are struggling with pelvic floor problems and incontinence, you are not alone.


The solution is here.

We are fighting the stigma of incontinence every day, and treatments are becoming easier and more convenient.
We have an all-female staff who are passionate about this opportunity to provide valuable Emsella treatments to women in our community.

What is the Emsella and how does it work?

Emsella is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment for pelvic floor weakness and incontinence. The Emsella device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to cause thousands of minor contractions in the supramaximal pelvic floor muscles. These contractions re-train the pelvic floor muscles of women with incontinence and recent scientific research has shown that 95% of patients have reported significant improvement in their quality of life after using Emsella.

There is no need to be ashamed, inconvenienced, or uncomfortable anymore – hope is finally here with Esmella.

What is the Emsella

Book now for your introductory offer of 6 sessions for only $690!

Treatment simply involves sitting fully clothed on the Emsella chair for a short and convenient session with minimal discomfort. Bring a magazine and sit back for a few minutes out of your busy day – each appointment will be over before you know it. There’s no recovery time or limit to your activities, meaning that you can go back to your normal day as soon as you’re done.

You may begin to feel the benefits in as little as one session.

Who could benefit from the Emsella?

pelvic floor

Women who have pelvic floor problems caused by giving birth


Women experiencing incontinence due to menopause


Anybody who notices pelvic floor problems or leaking when they sneeze, laugh, or exercise

Emsella machine

Begin Emsella to feel the benefits:

We’re offering a special introductory price of just $690 for 6 sessions.

(Plans can also be purchased using Afterpay instore.)

If you are struggling with pelvic floor problems and incontinence come and visit us.

We are located conveniently at
51 Adelaide Road
Gawler South SA 5118

We prioritise natural medicine and holistic healing. Our practice is a comforting, friendly, and relaxing space rather than a clinical one. Visiting for Emsella treatments will not be a stressful clinical experience, it will be a relaxing time for self-care and prioritising your health in a cosy and familiar environment.

We will give you empathetic, personalised care. We will take the time to get to know you and your personal experiences to devise the best plan to improve your pelvic muscle strength with Emsella.

How does the booking process work for Emsella?

Book Appointment

Give us a call on 0435 370 401 or book online.


Buy the package of 6 sessions of Emsella for our introductory price of $690 and receive a free eligibility consultation.


Claire will do your quick 15-minute free consultation to ensure that you’re eligible for treatment with the Emsella device. *

Start your first 28 min session

Start your first 28 min session


Receive your remaining 5 sessions over 3-6 weeks.

feel benefits

Feel the benefits!

* Claire will have a chat with you that you are not pregnant and that you don’t have any metal implants or other contraindications. You can ask any questions you have about Emsella and how it can benefit you. Payment is only taken once Claire has verified in person that you are a good candidate for the treatment.